The Art of Watercolor for Kids
  • For ages 4-1/2 and up
  • Available as an Online Course or 4 DVD Set
  • 20 Easy to follow video lessons
  • Progress at your own pace
  • No “natural talent” required
  • Guaranteed Results!



The Art of Watercolor for Kids is ideal for the young artist in your family.

Based on the works of master artist Larry Gluck, founder of Mission: Renaissance, this unique art training program for children uses his groundbreaking method to teach students how to paint in watercolor.

Children create while following clear video demonstrations delivered by our highly trained and caring instructor, Melissa Zafarana. which teach them how to produce beautiful watercolor paintings step-by-step.

This 20 lesson series is broken down into 4 parts:

Part 1 – lessons 1-6 show how to: get acquainted with watercolor materials; learn the basics of watercolor technique; control paint within and outside shapes; soften edges and create depth; and layer with watercolor. In addition, students complete their first watercolor painting from start to finish.

Part 2 – lessons 7-12 expand a student’s knowledge and skill of watercolor washes (the essential painting technique of watercolor), including learning how to do graduated washes. In addition, students complete their second and third paintings, a mountain scene and a sweeping desert-scape.

Part 3 – lessons 13-16 show a student how to execute more advanced techniques and washes, including how to transition from one color to another seamlessly. Students will also learn the “wet-into-wet” technique, in which the artist begins a painting with a wet canvas to create a dreamy effect. Students then learn how to paint a watercolor seahorse and butterfly.

Part 4 – lessons 17-20 show students how to plan a watercolor painting step-by-step to create the best possible artwork with minimal correction. In addition, students learn how to create a still-life painting in watercolor, and how to duplicate an original Larry Gluck watercolor seascape. With all this information and new skills under their belts, students can create watercolor paintings to their heart’s content!

As an added bonus, our online students also receive access to a wide array of additional lesson exercises geared to help strengthen their watercolor painting skills.

The Art of Watercolor is best for students who have strong drawing skills or who have already completed The Art of Drawing for Kids lesson program.

The Art of Watercolor develops creative skills to last a lifetime.

*We strongly recommend that students complete The Art of Drawing for Kids before enrolling on this course.

When I am doing art, I forget about my problems. All my friends have sports for a passion but mine is art. When I am doing art, I feel calm and I am so happy that I have this class.
Sydney - Age 10
“My daughter has gained so much confidence and self-esteem in the artwork that she has done, and we are so proud of her, too. We have seen other art classes but they cannot compare to the unique style of teaching that you provide. I feel that this was the best investment we ever made. Thank you again for the wonderful experience you provide that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.”
Lee Ann - Parent
“This has been my all time favorite art class EVER. I have learned so many techniques in the world of art. Thank you for helping me discover my true passion!!!”
Ally - Age 12
“I felt so great when I finished my last picture in watercolor. I’m so excited and proud.”
Michelle - Age 8

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