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Anyone can learn to draw and paint using The Gluck Method®, the world’s leading fine art instruction program for children, teens and adults.  Learn how to draw and paint online, in-studio or at home.

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For more than 40 years The Gluck Method® has been teaching students, both young and old, how to draw and paint beautifully.  With studios throughout Southern California, DVD programs and Online classes being delivered around the world, and affiliate studios in Texas, Iowa and the United Kingdom, The Gluck Method is the most widely utilized and fastest growing art instruction program of all time.

With over 2500 students attending our fine art courses weekly, The Gluck Method has long been recognized as the World’s Largest Fine Art Program.  Offering Online Art Courses, In-Studio Fine Art Classes and DVD Art Programs for Children and Adults we can help you learn how to draw and paint beautifully. We guarantee that you will see immediate results in your drawing skills using The Gluck Method of Fine Art Instruction.  Never before has it been so easy to learn how to draw and paint.

If you have ever dreamed of learning how to draw and paint, we can help you make that dream come true.

Live near one of our Mission: Renaissance Studios or one of our Affiliate Studios? Call us to schedule a Free Introductory Art Lesson: (800) 430-4ART. If you don’t leave nearby, you can learn how to draw and paint by purchasing our DVD art programs through our online store or by Registering Today on one of our Online Art Courses to gain immediate access to your course.

Home Instruction and Online Art Courses for Adults and Children

The Art of Drawing - Part 1 Essential Skills for Life-like Drawing

The Art of Drawing – Part 1
Essential Skills for Life-like Drawing

The Art of Drawing - Part II Creating Illusions of Depth

The Art of Drawing – Part 2
Creating Illusions of Depth

The Art of Drawing for Kids - Drawing Basics

The Art of Drawing – For Kids
The Basics of Drawing

The Art of Watercolor for Kids - Watercolor Basics

The Art of Watercolor for Kids
Learning to Paint in Watercolor

Studio Locations

Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes and Licensed Instructors

Learn how to draw and paint under the expert guidance of a highly trained Gluck Method Instructor.
Studio Locations

About The Gluck Method

The Gluck Method is a step-by-step process of fine art instruction developed over the course of a quarter century by world-renowned artist and educator Larry Gluck. Using his method, tens of thousands who were previously unable to draw or paint.    More…

About Larry Gluck

Perhaps no one has enabled so many to acquire artistic talent as has Larry Gluck. His breakthroughs in fine art training have led to success and artistic fulfillment for countless thousands of all ages and from all walks of life over the last 4 decades.  He, along with    More…

Can You Really Learn to Draw?

For too long the myth has prevailed-that you must be born with talent to learn how to draw and paint. That talent is a “gift” handed down from some lofty cloud. Or that somehow the planets were perfectly aligned when creative souls were born.    More…