The Art of Drawing- Part I - Essential Skills for Life-like Drawing
  • World’s premiere home study drawing course
  • Available as an Online Course or on DVD
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Clear-cut exercises & illustrations
  • Visual demonstrations show you how
  • Guaranteed Results!
  • Unlock Your Hidden Talents!



The Art of Drawing – Part I – Essential Skills for Life-like Drawing is a comprehensive drawing course that will teach you how to draw with complete certainty and control.  The easy to follow, step-by-step exercises are designed to build your drawing skills from the bottom up.

Until now, sketching and drawing were pastimes only for the gifted few, or less fortunate souls who spent years learning by trial and error.

But now virtually anyone can learn how to draw with The Art of Drawing – Part I.

The Art of Drawing is the world’s first home study course to utilize The Gluck Method – a revolutionary process of fine art instruction which teaches the underlying principles of sketching and drawing.

Never before have these principles been so carefully and completely laid out in an easy- to-learn, step-by-step approach. And never before have they been available to anyone with a passion to learn.

Visual demonstrations show you how to construct drawings from basic geometric shapes, how to correctly proportion the elements of your subject, how to accurately represent perspective, how to build and refine your drawings so they come to life… so they look real.

Each new skill learned builds upon the previous lesson, while a comprehensive workbook guides you through the course with clear-cut exercises and illustrations.

The Art of Drawing isn’t a few tricks or techniques. It provides the same skills handed down from generation to generation, from master to apprentice.

The greatest painters of all time first learned how to draw accurately with lines, then how to create depth with shade, and only then did they learn how to paint.

The Art of Drawing, Part I, follows in the classic tradition by teaching you how to create accurate lines and shapes – the basic building block of all representational drawing and painting.

Take your first step on the road to a lifetime of creativity.

“I have just completed my drawing course. I believe one of the greatest things about it is how simple it actually is. All the techniques I learned have improved my drawing so much. It actually looks what I’m trying to draw.”
M. Garcia
“Since childhood I had no prior experience with drawing and was convinced that I lacked talent. I learned the technique and stopped judging myself, The tools you have shared with me are invaluable and now I have confidence. Thank you for teaching them with such openness and simplicity. Given enough time, I can draw anything!”
S. Saget
“Doing this has helped me learn that I can accomplish things if I set my mind to it. I know I’ll never be able to thank you enough. It’s really amazing to look back at my previous drawings and know I’ve improved.”
J. F.
“I have been drawing as long as I have been able to hold a pencil. And though I have had this continual urge to draw, it had also been a continual frustration to me. I now know what I am doing and I am having fun sketching for the first time in my life.”
D. W.

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