The Art of Drawing- Part II - Creating Illusions of Depth
  • Learn how to depict 3 dimensional effects
  • Available as an Online Course or on DVD
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Clear-cut exercises & illustrations
  • Visual demonstrations show you how
  • Guaranteed Results!



In The Art of Drawing, Part I, master artist and educator Larry Gluck teaches you how to accurately create lines and shapes, and how to correctly proportion the elements of your subject so that you can draw anything in two dimensions.

Building upon those essential principles, in The Art of Drawing Part II, he teaches you how to make your drawings spring to life in three dimensions.

Here you will learn vital skills, including: how to shade, depict light sources, highlights and shadows, and how to refine your work so your pictures come alive.

After completing The Art of Drawing, Part I it’s time to take your drawings to the next level. Learn how to create 3-dimensional effects by entering the world of Tone.

Sometimes referred to as shading or value, Tones are the variations of light and dark that make up our 3-dimensional world. Learning how to see, predict and render Tones are necessary to becoming a representational artist.  If you apply yourself and follow this course step-by-step, you will emerge with the ability to recreate the world merely with a stick of charcoal and the sweep of your hand.

In short, this course teaches you how to really draw. So, you don’t have to stop and think and you can truly draw anything in front of you with complete certainty and control.

Learn how to create the illusion of depth with The Art of Drawing Part II, and take your next step on the road to a lifetime of creativity.

The Art of Drawing Courses represent more than a quarter century of painstaking research and watershed breakthroughs. During the height of a prolific and distinguished career, Mr. Gluck dedicated himself to teaching anyone how to draw and paint with unfaltering certainty and consummate skill.


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